ABI 10

(Stole the picture from Leila.)

Our ABI banner.
So awsome.

High on life.. and burana?

After saturdays gulisintagning at Vasa Nation, I got a cold. Not so surprising though.
I must say, it was one hell of a gulisintagning! And sitz, of course! I love the feeling of home I get from spending time with my fellow-Österbottningar. Thank you everyone for an awsome day, and evening!

Tomorrow we have the first business math-exam, which I have studied extra much for.
It is pretty simple for me, who wrote the matriculation exam this spring so, it is all still kind of in fresh memory.
Now I'm so confident I will probably fail anyway. It would be just my luck.

But the ICT(IKT)-thing is a whole different thing. That I WILL probably fail.


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Helan går..

My apartment is a mess, but I have no time for cleaning, because I'm attending a sitz.

Have fun today people, I know I will!

In Närpes

Nothing has changed what so ever here in Närpes.
Well, yeah, actually, they have finally finished building the buildings that they started building loooong ago.
(Haha, building the buildings that they started building... Well done, Azra.)

Well, I really don't have much to say, so..

.. bye!

11th September

So I guess all of us remember the tragedy around World Trade Center, and everyone will propbably mention it in some way. I won't get into the subject, but i can't believe it's been nine years since. It's crazy how time flies.

By the way, I was out on a walk (10 minute walk, haha.) the other evening, with my camera, and I went down to the harbour, which is not far from where I live.

Oh the sunset.

Piece of cake

That damn desk took at least 2 hours to build together.
Malin helped out a bit, but mostly she sat and updated everyone on facebook on my mistakes.

But I mean wow. I did it all (almost) by myself.
I'm proud of myself! Is there anything us girls can't do?

No ICT-thing for me tomorrow, so it's microeconomics at 11 o'clock.
Then I reeeeally have to go and shop for some partyoutfits.
Even though I might not reeeeally have the money for it.

Soo, good night everyone!

Back in Helsinki

One thing that is completely unavoidable, is the dark. Everything gets soo much scarier then.
I don't believe that any town or city is scary at 09.30 in the evening on a sunday.
But the dark makes everything seem so much worse.

WOW, I should really start posting some pictures. BBA-10, don't be surprised if I bring my camera to school any time soon!

Okay guys, French at 8.30 tomorrow.
Good night!

Back home

Back in Närpes. My mom and sister picked me and Malin up from the trainstation in Vasa. It felt both weird and comfortable to be back home, here I actually know where every road takes me. But I have still gotten used to the trams and the busses which goes every 10 minutes, and the great amount of people that are out every night in Helsinki. When we came home from Vasa yesterday at about 10.45, there was basically not a single soul out. Except for the mopopojat of course.

Oh yeah, remind me to pack a suitcase instead of the Ikea-bags. Sure it worked out great, but it was still quite embarrasing to carry my clothes around in those bags through Helsinki.
Oh, and speaking of Ikea, I finally got a hold of them, so my desk is coming on mondaaaay!

Have a nice weekend!

In English?

As a request from my IB classmates, I'm from now on gonna write in English. At least try to..
Don't mind my grammar, alright guys?
If anyone does not understand, please let me know. If I have the energy, I might even try to write in both Swedish and English.

So. I'm leaving Helsinki for the weekend, I'm going back to Närpes.
Found a train that goes straight to Vasa, so I don't have to get lost in either Tampere or Seinäjoki trainstations.
Malin is also coming with me, so at least we're lost together.

Kick off party

Jag borde verkligen skaffa mig en liten digitalkamera. Kan inte riktigt dra med systemkameran på krog.
Missade att dokumentera många roliga händelser igår.

Kick off partyt började bra med förfest hos Emma! En halv 11 tiden kom vi fram till Amarillo. Vi köade till någon gång efter 12. Det var mindre roligt. Dock höjdes stämningen när vi väl hade kommit in. Träffade roligt folk, umgicks med folk från skolan och hade det allmänt roligt.
Kvart över 11 ska jag vara i skolan för att ha två ynka lektioner i microeconomics, och sedan hem och crascha i sängen.

Ska ringa till ikea idag så att jag kan få mitt skrivbord. Ringde här om dagen, men ingen svarade. Det var tydligen stressigt på ikea då.

Blah, jag har väl inte så mycket annat att säga än att jag har jättetrevliga klasskompisar, lärare, jag har Malin och några bra kompisar till från Österbotten med mig i storstan, och jag trivs jättebra.

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