Gotta love the university life

Presentations, assignments, exams..
Oh my god.

And it's freaking cold in my apartment. The construction workers sure "fixed" my radiator.

But I have danceclass tonight, which makes all of it kind of easier to cope with.

Kind of.

Azra <3 Acoustic

I don't know why, but there's something special about acoustic versions of songs. Combine an amazing voice with awsome guitar skills and I'm hooked for life.

A band that caught my ear (? haha..) a few years ago was Boyce Avenue. I found them on youtube.

They did a cover of The goo goo dolls song Iris, which was the first cover I ever heard them do.

Find them on youtube or spotify.

The best of the best

Aah, he's a legend. Lovin' it!


Just pure perfection.

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