Fuc.. eh.. Fackuppsats

So I'm trying to write this minimum four page essay, and it's not going so well. My thoughts keep floating away.
Motivation, where are you?

Oh and my birthday. That was one cool day.
I had the day off, so I woke up at a decent hour, got ready and met Sasi at school to do an assignment. We actually almost finished it. (F-ing logistics.) I went home, (did absolutely not check facebook for birthday greetings...) cleaned up the apartment, bought mud cake and beer and waited for my crazy friends to show up.
So we hung around at my place, drank a bit bål, (it did not include any alcohol, noo..) I was freakishly excited over my new coffee mashine, and I had fun, even though half of the gang had to sit on the floor. (21m2 is good when you're all alone, but when more than 3 people try to fit in there, it can be a bit rough.)
The night ended with an awsome French Films-gig. (I'm a sucker for live music and good live bands.)

Mari came for a visit over the weekend. It was nice to see her, she brought a little piece of home with her, even thought she now lives in Asikkala.

I guess anything is more fun than writing the essay and to name a few things: blogging, cleaning, reading the instructions for the essay, taking out the trash when it's freezing cold outside..

Due date is wednesday, so I better start. No excuses this time.
Wish me luck.

SO TRUE CATTIS! (Read the comment.) I totally forgot to mention the phone call and the singing from the orchestra practice. Wow, I never thought I'd miss it as much as I do. See you guys on thursday's practice! I'm expecting coffee.. Just so you're prepared.

18 November

So my birthday is finally here!

I'm free all day, so whenever you feel like you have the time to bring me those awsome presents I told you to buy a few weeks ago, just give me a call!

"It's gonna be legen... wait for it... DARY!"


How I met your mother is simply awsome.
I did watch Fraiser the other day also, I had forgot how cool that tv-series was.

So, I was back home in Närpes this weekend. Went for a pizza with some friends; it was nice to see them again, it kind of sucks that we all live so far away from each other nowadays.

I also invited the whole crazy family to our place to celebrate my birthday in advance. I even made myself a birthday cake! And since I'm so "good" at baking, my sister and my dad helped me out a bit.

Dance classes in Ruoholahti tonight. Looking forward to it! Since I'm not the most agile person today after six hours of sitting in the freaking bus yesterday, I'm just gonna have to jump around and hope for the best.
Wish me luck.


Hey, can you guys actually belive that it's already November?
And y'all know what's happening in November, right? To be more specific, MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!
So, I'm expecting all these amazing and totally awsome gifts from everyone.

There is so much happening in my life now, I can barely keep up. The KELA-support runs out so fast (I don't know how or why...), so I actually found this cool job offer. To take care of two boys aged 4 and 7. I think I'm gonna apply for it.
Wish me luck.

Well, I'm gonna go and use my amazing cooking-skills (hah) now, and make me some food.
Have a nice day!

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